The Basic Process

Connect, Explore, Design, Assemble

We begin by sitting down to discuss together what you envision for your new online space – how you want your web presence to look and feel. Whatever is on your list is important to me. I research your business market and compile the best ideas and options to make your new website stand out from competition and still hold true to your desired outcome.

With all of the information we’ve discussed and researched, I put together some drafts and test them on the web. I present the ideas to you, so you can choose. You can have as much or as little input as you like. After all of the drafts have been tested, it’s time to pull it together, and securely add your content. We’re ready to go live!

My work is finished and the result is a professional, user-friendly website, ready for you to show the world.

A Closer Look Behind the Scenes


This includes your domain name, a hosting package, the database and content management system, and all the code that makes it a functional website. Without this infrastructure, there is no place for your website to live and be viewed from.


The colours, fonts, images, graphic elements, and the way everything is laid out. These factors greatly influence the perception people have of the content they see and shape the image and identity of your company.


The core of your website – your message and the way you deliver it. For the most part, this consists of text, images and video. Generally, this is provided by you, but we can work together to create content if needed.


What your website can do – how it behaves and the features it includes to accomplish some kind of action or function. Social media integration, events calendar, contact form, or something more advanced; your website has the potential to do a lot more than just look pretty!

Determining the Cost

Web design is not a commodity you can purchase like a fresh baguette or a bottle of wine, however…

Web design is an individualized service geared toward the unique needs of you, the client, and that, by necessity, influences the price. Take a look at the Pricing Table below for a starting point.

After our initial consultation, I will provide you with a project proposal. Then, with your approval and a 30% deposit, I will begin to build for the agreed price. No surprises!

Content updates and edits, new features, social media campaigns, e-commerce, monthly maintenance and so much more are available at my hourly rate of $60/hr or for a project fee.

Please note that hosting packages and domain name registration are not included in my fees, however, I’m happy to assist in setting up the accounts on your behalf and in your name.

As a small business, like yourself, I understand that reasonable rates for services are crucial. If you’re working with a limited budget, let me know and we can establish a payment plan.


Ownership Policy

It’s simple – I build it, you own it

I can assist to purchase or transfer domain names on your behalf. I can also help you to set up your hosting and am happy to make recommendations. However, I do not resell hosting, own any of my client’s domain names, nor claim ownership over any websites. Your project is yours. Whether you are providing the content or hiring me to write copy or source images, the end result is yours.

I will usually request to be listed as an administrative contact on any accounts in order to access Control Panels and configure server settings, but you are the owner and pay for the account and retain full control of all files and final say over access.

Services for your unique business